Navajo Nation Workers Compensation Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Workers’ Compensation Program is to determine coverage and provide benefits for work related injuries sustained by employees of the Navajo Nation and its insured enterprises. We are devoted to establish efficient claim services through medical providers to assist the injured worker in obtaining the best medical care possible for prompt return to work.

We will provide adequate education to eligible employees and employers throughout the Navajo Nation, in filing a claim and types of benefits offered. Every employees will be given an opportunity to file a claim and the right to appeal a decision made by the program which might affect their claim.

We will strive to develop self confidence among injured employees, treat them with respect, and encourage them in reaching maximum medical improvement. Our continued success is dependent upon ensuring immediate delivery of benefits, fairness in claims practice, and responsible medical management.

Navajo Nation Workers' Compensation Act

The Navajo Nation Workers' Compensation Program is a fully self funded workers' compensation program and is governed by 15 N.N.C. § § 1001, et seq.

Notice to Workers

All covered workers are hereby notified that the Navajo Nation is a sovereign Nation for the purposes of workers’ compensation, governed by the laws as set forth by the Navajo Nation Council and that no other workers’ compensation law is applicable to injures or death sustained by a covered worker. If you do not fully understand the terms, conditions, and provisions of the Navajo Nation Workers’ Compensation Act, contact your supervisor or the Workers’ Compensation Program office for further details. [15 N.N.C. § 1003]

Insured Participants

  • Navajo Nation Government (all Branches, Divisions, and Programs)
  • Navajo Agricultural Products Industry
  • Navajo Tribal Utility Authority
  • Navajo Engineering & Construction Authority
  • Navajo Technical College
  • Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise
  • Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise
  • Navajo Nation Shopping Centers
  • Kayenta Township Commission
  • Navajo Times
  • Native Broadcasting Services/KTNN Radio Station
  • Navajo Gaming Enterprise (Navajo Casinos)
  • Navajo Nation Chapter

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